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This page contains online help for the graphical search engine GeoSearch

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Using the Map

Zoom In
To zoom in, check one of the left zoom buttons then click on the map. The map will zoom in centered on your click point. Some features (coastline detail, national boundaries, rivers) will be automatically adjusted to suit the zoom factor. Buttons on the left magnify more. To repeat, click again on the map.

Zoom Out
To zoom out, check one of the right zoom buttons, then click on the map. The map will zoom out centered on your click point. Buttons on the right zoom further out. To repeat, click again on the map.

To pan (move the map without zooming), check "Center" then click the map at the point where you would like the new center.

Check "search" to enter a new search point. You may enter a new search term using the "enter" key, which will use the current search point and zoom factor.

A link is provided to the MapBlast site using the current map location. MapBlast uses a different projection scheme so the maps are not always the same shape.

Sort by
There are three choices for sorting the results. Closest distance depends on distance to the last click point. Best match depends on how well the keywords match. Most recent depends on the modification date of the page.

Geotags now uses the ht://Dig search engine and uses its search methods. "All" matches all the keywords, "any" matches one or more of the keywords, and "boolean" matches a boolean expression, such as

MyGeo is a feature to remember your preferred position using a cookie. If you use the MyGeo setup to set the cookie, then MyGeo will be automatically selected by default and will be used as your search point. This may let you use the search engine on a non-graphical browser.
The cookie does not track your identity, it merely stores your preferred position (which may not be your actual position). It is not available to any other websites.