Add Tags

The geotags search engine relies on Geo Tags added to each HTML page in order to index them based on geographic location. These tags ensure that the page is indexed at the location the page author intended, rather than from a zipcode or telephone number which may refer to a different location.

The search engine currently requires only the geo.position tag. The geo.region, if present, may be used for verification (checking that the position is in the correct quadrant and matches the region code).
The position tag is basically (using decimal degrees, as in a Google map URL)

<meta name="geo.position" content="latitude;longitude">

You may use the Geo Tag Generator to create META tags to add to your pages. This will ensure that your pages are properly indexed and described. Or use and select "Geo-Metatags" (mygeoposition uses Google's address lookup technology)

Please do not pollute the geo tagged space by tagging pages that do not warrant it.. For instance, if you live in Vancouver and own a bagel store in Calgary:
Your house in VancouverCA-BC49.24;-123.13
The Bagel StoreCA-AB51.0411;-114.0623
Picture of your hotel in Paris, FranceFR-7548.85;2.34
Your political opinionsdo not use
Picture of the Moondo not use

Alternate forms of location tags may be supported in future if they become widely adopted.